Disadvantage of Traditional Trains

A quick look at how the technology has changed over the years, it is clear that the train transport industry has significantly advanced. We now have modern trains that are more reliable than the traditional ones. So, today, I have decided to look at some of the primary disadvantages of traditional trains.

Low Speed

Speed is one of the factors that determine the convenience and efficiency of a transport mechanism. The traditional trains used to travel at a very low speed. This is because they lacked the modern engines that the electric trains have and this is why most people used to spend hours on the rails before reaching their destination.


Pollute Environment

Well, the time when the traditional trains were very common, people were not very cautious about the environment. The population in the world was very low, and this means that no body really saw the danger of harming the environment. Unfortunately, we the current generation are suffering due to the pollution that took place many years ago. It is now imperative to ensure that you come up with ways of preventing pollution to safeguard the future generations well being.

Finally, the traditional trains were uncomfortable to travel in as they lacked quality seats. One would be tossed from one side to another especially when the train makes curves. The modern ones are fitted with nice seats and are more spacious on the inside.

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